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where did the ads go?

I have not been on lj once since i decided not to do a paid account, the ads drove me up a wall, but i see nothing.....did they do away with the ads? I probably would not have logged in today, except for the lovely Rebecca posted a link for ljbook.com on facebook, and i decided it was about time i backed up my journal.
It has been awhile since I have posted, and i am a little nervous to say this, but things are going amazingly well. Tony is getting better, he gets the last of the stints out in another week, and after that he should be back to normal by the end of the year, and hopefully, next year, we will be getting his wife Katki here, they have another appointment, or rather they have an appointment to make an appointment to hopefully make a decision about her coming to the US. this has been one of the hardest and one of the best years I have ever had, but as the year winds down, i think the good is outwieghing the bad!
Moms getting alot stronger, i think the mold in our house was affecting her healing from the lung cancer, and I know it was making me sick as a dog, everytime it rained, i felt bad for days, and we tried everything, removing carpets, bleaching and spraying, dry air, we just could not get a handle on it, the new house is...amazing, still not settled in, and feeling a bit overwhelmed at having a mortgage in this financial climate, but still think it was the best decision I ever made!
I hope that everyone is doing well, I do not find the time to check in to lj nearly as often as I should, so I am horribly behind with almost no liklihood of getting to everything!
One thing I always miss about LJ when I am on facebook, is the ability to reply to individual comments, it is sooo luxurious!

In good news for the day, Tony is out of the hospital and he is feeling a bit better....In not so good news, he had a temper tantrum so bad that the Dr decided to have him removed from the premises, so we arent really sure if he SHOULD have got out today, but he did, and regardless of circumstance, leaving the hospital is always a good thing...isnt it?
I think most of you still reading this will know that my brother is in the hospital, he collapsed at work on sunday (while i was at the wine festival, I should know better than to take days off!) had his gallbladder taken out on tuesday (yes, a three day wait, they did not have enough Drs for a nonemergancy surgery) he had a second surgery on thursday, apparently, they did not remove all the necrotic tissue, and there was something about the bile ducts still spewing nastiness when they should not have been, but I got all secondhand from Tony, and he is not a little medicated, so i cant say that I understand what is going on. Went to the hospital today, brought him brand new books, only to be informed that he has decided not to read or watch tv and he wants to go home to die (this is from him, not them) it was a little disturbing to say the least. Honestly, I am comparing to when mom had her colostomy, which was followed by a gallbladder removal, and that took several surgeries before it was all finished....Tony did not look that bad, there waas some swelling in the abdomin, of course he cant eat, because they may need to go back in, so i think blood sugar may be taking down his ability to read watch and process, so i was not over worried about that, everyone I have even visited at unm tells me they want to die, so that was not really worrying....I visited, I went homne, i told Mom I think he is going to be fine, he is grumpy, in pain, but the surgical sights look good, the sweeling is not as bad as what ive seen on her, all in all, not bad, horrible, painful, but not bad....then i get a call from Annie, his boss and friend, and she is just beside herself, she thinks that Tony is in horrible condition for the surgery he had, and mind you, shes calling me five minutes after i get home from seeing him, I am almost stunned, i think shes just overworried, it is scary, but then i start to worry, what if i am not worried enough? syhe is going to be there in the morning to try to talk to his Dr, I cannot tell you how many early mornings I treied to be there when Moms docs came throughm, it doesnt work, tyhey are random little critters, and if they smell friends or family in the room, they will burrow in thier offices and not peek out until all traces of intruder are gone. I am a little bewildered, i know he says he wants to die, and he thginks they are trying to kill him, but thats normal, and the pain, i know it is bad, but it is also normal, but the fact that the gallbladder was necrotic, that is a bit beyond average, and maybe i should be more concerned, but honestly, i dont even know if i have the energyl, and being more concerned will make it harder to look after Mom. Grrrrr.

random cuteness

a couple of days ago when meladee was visiting, mom had her oxygen off, but the machine was still turned on for a minute or two, in which Ursula, being the little shit she is, decided to sniff at it...she got oxygen drunk, she was stumbling, and rolling, her ears were askew, she didnt even run away when Mel played with her nose, it was just bizarre!

ah yes, at last..an update

I dont know why i have not been in here more, life has been bizarre and time consuming, so i have been neglecting my journal again. Mom had her lung surgery, she is home now, there have been alot of small triumphs...like getting to pee all by herself...and alot of setbacks...like the fact that now that the swelling has gone done and nerve regeneration started the pain is at a higher level than after the surgery...shes a strong lady, it will work out in the end, but it is going to be quite a journey.

the good part, and the reason we did all this to begin with, they tested the tumor after it was removed, and all the edges are clean, there is no cancer left, she was really lucky that they found it and got it before it had actually attached itself to anything, although i doubt she feels lucky at the moment, we are getting there.
I have not been keeping up with any of my social media properly, but of all of them, this has always been the most personal, and perhaps that makes it the easiest to ignore. i am wishing there was an lj tool that would send me notices when friends post, but then i would probably never check in at all!
Right now life is pretty limited to work and lots of Dr visits for Mom, she is holding strong, the tunor that they found in her lung last year is (and i already knew this would be the case) cancer, why it took a yuear to figure that out, i dont know, but now things are moving much much faster, and mom will be having an operation on her lungs the 2nd of April, good friday to be exact, kinda funny that, maybe it is a good sign, who knows? oddly, we do not know the extent of the cancer yet, they are did another scan monday to determine what stage the cancer is in and if it has spread beyond the original area, oddly, the same scan that they have done three times since last year! So for now, we are just trying to look ahead and keep our wits about us, and go whole hog, they did offer lesser treatments, or less invasive, but none have the success rate of surgery, so we are going for the best numbers, and crossing our fingers.


it has been forever since i have checked in on lj, so i have been on here for a little bit, and i heard my smallest dog, Ursula barking, in my room no less, so i go down the hall to see what is the matter, and find her sister, gretchen, a)hiding under the blankets on the floor, which they are not allowed inn the room without us, and b) recently has thrown up on my pillow ......Since when do pups tattle on one another? i know that is exactly what Ursula did, she took my right to her sister, and then barked again at the vomit, how odd is that? so now i am off to wash some bedding, lol, and contemplate that my pups may know just a little more than i give them creddit for.


for a change, i actually managed to knock one of my usual resolutions, --ah yes, there are usual resolutions, since i tend never to do them up properly,-- off the list. i have finally paid up my land taxes. now to call the credit counseling agency and find out what i can do about lowering the interest charges on my student loans, (25% interest, the loan has quadrupled over the past few years) and i will be half way through the list.. might i add, my original loan company contacted me, said that i could pay them off for 11thousand less than sallie mae wants, but that sallie mae can still sue for their fees later, even though legally the loan will be considered closed, sounds like a mess waiting to happen to me, i think that it is time to look into legal help, first the consumer credit counseling, then actual legal help if i cant get a resolution any other way.

body oddities

grrr, had to take out a migrating piercing today, quite grumpy about it, and unsure if repiercing makes sense after it heals up, i will have to research, if a particular piercing migrates, will ANYTHING in the same spot migrate?